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Mini-Camp Fundraiser 1

Our fundraising efforts are picking up for our Solar Car Challenge team. One of the major things that the team must do to get our project off the ground is to generate enough funding to purchase the materials to build our solar car. One of our main funding ideas had been a “Parents’ Night Out”. […]

Working for a living is pretty tiring. Stay in school as long as you can!

Lab Time


One of the things that I really enjoy are the lab times. That’s when my students can really get to coding and using what was presented in a formal lesson and putting that knowledge to practical use by seeing how things work. Listening and taking notes in class is one thing, but actually using what […]

Class Photos…(of my classes!) 6

After three months of classes being with my students, it seems a bit strange when I’m not in the photo with them. And here they are! Although, my 9th graders are a bit more active in class…of course, I attribute that to perhaps being a bit camera shy   And what is picture day without the outtakes…


Awesomeness Marks

One of the things that I most like about teaching is seeing the inner creativity that my students show. There is never a dull moment in class and every day is different from the previous. The first assignment that I had my 7th and 8th graders program, involved creating a pattern or series of patterns […]

An Apple For The Teacher

I have not written to this blog in about a month. There has been much that has gone on in class and in our extra curricular activities. I need to write more often so that all my students and parents know what we do at school. Today’s post is more about my students than about […]

What a week!

The title is a little misleading. It has been a good week, mostly because it is our fall break. The students deserve some needed time off from their hectic schedules. Needless to say, there were no classes this week. Hmmm…so, what have I done? Created two master image disks to manage desktop maintenance for our classroom […]

A little tricky getting to the hard drive but easy enough. It's a really thin hard drive in this ultrabook!


3D Printing Workshop

There’s something really intriguing about watching a 3D printer in action. Sort of mesmerizing as you watch the layers of material get added on top of one another.This was a fun start to the workshop. The students had their first taste of thinking and creating designs in a three dimensional space. We created some rings […]

An Hour In Class 6

Parents don’t often get an intimate look into what happens in class. Ok, so more specifically, what happens in our class…it’s a little different in my class than that of my colleagues. The class is a mixture of formal classroom instruction and laboratory time. This video is the 7B class…such busy little “bees” they are  

10 years of photos

Picture Day 2

It’s that time of year again…Picture Day! It can be a tiring and demanding day, but in the end it’s a lot of fun to do. It’s one of the only times where I get to interact with all the students in every grade. I’ve gotten to know many of them over the years and […]