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An Hour In Class 6

Parents don’t often get an intimate look into what happens in class. Ok, so more specifically, what happens in our class…it’s a little different in my class than that of my colleagues. The class is a mixture of formal classroom instruction and laboratory time. This video is the 7B class…such busy little “bees” they are  

10 years of photos

Picture Day 2

It’s that time of year again…Picture Day! It can be a tiring and demanding day, but in the end it’s a lot of fun to do. It’s one of the only times where I get to interact with all the students in every grade. I’ve gotten to know many of them over the years and […]

3D Printing in Space

There has been a lot of media attention about 3D printing for all kinds of industries. One of the great benefits about 3D printing is its ability to allow remote locations to fabricate their own tools or supplies. One of the most remote locations and hostile locations is space. Imagine being so remote that your […]

Student Artwork

My students are the best 2

I have often asked myself what really drives someone to go into education. Or more specifically, what is the driving force behind a person’s interest in getting into teaching. What is that motivational force? As an engineer, I tend to look at things from an operational perspective. I look at standards and processes that need […]

A 3D Printed Car? – Why Not?

As we hear more and more of the things that are built with 3D printers, it still amazes me of the kinds of things people will build. Here is something that is kind of cool: A 3D printed car (via CNN). Obviously not everything is 3D printed. The motor and electrical systems are not, but […]

All set to go…

The Solar Car Challenge Race. And so begins the new year with another new initiative we are starting. I already have some very positive feedback from a couple of our high school students. Next weekend marks the first workshop for new teams who wish to compete in the Solar Car Challenge Race. This workshop is intended […]

Command Prompt

Week 2 – Learning is a wonderful thing 1

Command Prompt… Yes, that good old throwback to the days of DOS. It has become a very good learning tool for what we are doing in our 9th Grade CS class. Commands such as “cd”, “dir”, “cls” (ah the memories!)…but they are valuable commands to know none-the-less. You would never think that such an antiquated […]