Assignment #3 Requirements

Arduino Circuit

  1. Piezo Element
  2. LEDs to light when music is playing. One LED for each note.
  3. Push button to start/stop music


Programming Code

  1. Arrays (2)
    • Notes to the song and beats for each note
  1. Functions
    • Function to calculate the tone value using the equation – getToneValue()
    • Function to play the note – playTone()
  1. Use loops and if-statements
  2. Use variables


What to Submit

  1. Arduino circuit with Piezo element, LEDs and push button
  2. Working finished sketch with proper commenting and good programming style
  3. Written report
    • 2 sentences in a “written report” is inadequate and will be not considered a written report
  1. Accurate circuit diagram. Label all pins and resistor values.

Assignment 3 Circuit diagram