1B: Basic electronic circuits

Table 2.1: Electronic Circuits

Ground Symbol

Ground (GND)

Flashlight circuitThe ground (GND) symbol represents the electrical current return path to the low voltage side of an energy source. It is frequently used to indicate a current return path.

The two circuit schematics on the right are identical. The second circuit diagram is typically not drawn in such a manner.

Transmission System with gndA more formal definition is "a reference point in the circuit where there will be no change in potential (i.e. voltage)".

LED Symbol

LED symbol and image

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

Diode symbol

Diode image


Resistor Symbol

Resistor image


Transistor symbol

Transistor Image


Servo symbol

Servo motor image (1)

Servo Motor

Motor symbol

DC Motor image

DC Motor

Piezo symbol and image

Peizo image

Piezo Element

Integrated Circuit Symbol

Integrated circuit image

Integrated Circuit (IC)

Push button symbol

Push button image

Push Button

Potentiometer symbol

Potentiometer image


Photoresistor symbol

Photoresistor image


Termperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor image (TMP36)

Temperature Sensor or Thermistor