1A: Getting to know the Arduino


Arduino is a microcontroller that is an Open Source electronics platform used for prototyping all sorts of projects. Projects consist of a combination of simple motors, servos, LEDs, resistors, speakers and sensors that perform some function. Arduino allows you to create hardware projects and gives you the ability to create software programs to operate your hardware.

The Arduino ARDX kit from Adafruit (www.adafruit.com) will be used as our electronics platform (Arduino Experimentation Kit)

Home of the Arduino - www.arduino.cc

Arduino ARDX experimentation kit - www.adafruit.com

Arduino ARDX experimentation kit - www.adafruit.com


The Arduino Circuit Board

Figure 1.1: Arduino circuit board showing all the key elements and peripherals.


Microcontroller - A small computer that has digital devices or peripherals built in to help control things.

Peripherals - Devices that allow a microcontroller to sense the environment and / or drive the actions of external devices


  • mouse
  • keyboard
  • monitor
  • printer
  • temperature sensor
  • photo resister
  • LED
  • push button
  • motor

The Breadboard

Breadboard - Front

Figure 1.2: Top or front side of the breadboard.



Figure 1.3: Bottom or back side of a breadboard