Assignment #1: Blink More


In the simple Blink.ino lesson, we learned how to control the blinking of a single LED. Now, we must control several LEDs attached in a row.



Create a new sketch called BlinkMore.ino. This sketch will be similar to the Blink.ino program, but instead of blinking one LED on and off, we will make several LEDs blink in a pattern of our choosing. Start at any LED (or LEDs) and create a blinking pattern. Make some blink on for a few milliseconds and make others blink for a different time. In other words, use different delay times between blinks.

You can use the Blink.ino sketch we created in class as an example. But be careful…do not overwrite your Blink.ino sketch! Make a copy and rename it to BlinkMore.ino.



When you are finished your sketch, you will need to hand in the following:

  • Your finished sketch with proper commenting and good programming style
  • A circuit diagram of your Arduino project showing all the circuits you used (i.e, LEDs, wires, pin assignments, etc.)
  • A short description of what you are doing. Describe the sequence of LEDs that you are turning on and turning off. Summarize how many seconds (or milliseconds), each LED has been on for one complete loop of the sketch.



To successfully complete this assignment, you will need to have completed the Blink.ino sketch in class.


Grading Plan

Grades are calculated using the following rubric:

  • Finished sketch compiles without errors and works as described – 50%
  • Written report
    • Description of your LED patterns – 5%
    • Circuit diagram – 5%
  • Proper comments where needed – 5%
  • Good programming style – 5%
  • Proper naming conventions and use of variables – 20%
  • Creativity or Awesomeness Points – 10%

5% bonus if you create a video for the classroom blog

Total marks possible: 105%

Due Date:

Week of October 19th