Mission Objective #1: Chassis Design

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Definitions from Merriam-Webster:

  • Autonomous – Existing or acting separately from other things or people
  • Robotics – Technology dealing with the design, construction and operation of robots in automation
  • Rover – A vehicle for exploring the surface of an extraterrestrial body
  • Chassis – A frame upon which the main parts of an automobile are built

A vehicle chassis is a necessary component for our robotic rover. It will be responsible for carrying all our components, sensors, motors and other parts from one location to the next.

2015-08-27 16.46.43-after  2015-08-27 16.47.07-after


Mission Objective

Your first project timeline involves designing, building and 3D printing your vehicle chassis and wheel designs. You will need to research possible vehicle chassis designs that use either wheels or tracked wheels for motion.


Parts List

Your first project timeline involves designing, building and 3D printing your vehicle chassis and wheel designs. You will The following components will be part of your drive and navigation system and is provided by the school:

  1. One (1) Arduino UNO
  2. One (1) Half Sized Breadboard
  3. One (1) Parallax ultrasonic sensor
  4. Two (2) Continuous rotation servos
  5. One (1) 9-dof breakout sensor (compass)


th  Breadboard_breadboard

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The following parts need to be purchased or collected:

  1. Brickmania Track Links, if creating a tracked rover (http://www.brickmania.com/brickmania-track-links/)
  2. Wide elastic bands for traction, if creating a wheeled rover (office supplies or any grocery store)
  3. Skateboard bearings, outside diameter 22mm, inside diameter 8mm, depth 7mm (Amazon.com or any Sporting Goods store)
  4. Small hobby screws (Home Depot, Lowes or any Hobby Shop)

BrickmaniaTrackLinks_Double_4x5_BlackL__05473.1389735827.1280.1280  TrackLinksCloseUpGM2WL__28906.1393345264.1280.1280  Rubber-bands  81DaMQkFE-L._SL1500_  i2137-Product-200x119  i4571-Product-200x134



  1. A written report must be submitted which will include the following sections
    • General description of your Rover
    • Chassis design, including an accurate diagram with measurements
    • Wheel or Track designs with diagrams and measurements
    • All mounting holes to be clearly indicated in your vehicle chassis
    • List of all purchased materials and parts used (screws, adhesives, track links, etc)
  2. All 123D Design files and .stl files
  3. All 3D printed parts to be submitted with your Mission Objective for Project Design Review (aka grading). Allow sufficient time to print your rover parts!
  4. Mission Name and Vehicle Name
    • Something cool like “Hermes”, “Odyssey” or “Aries”
  5. Bonus:
    • Design a Mission or Crew Patch that symbolizes of your mission or team

apollo-11-patch  STS-133_patch  iss29_patch01-lgnews-031014a-lg


Grading Plan

Grades are calculated using the following rubric:

  • Completed project milestone on time
  • Accuracy of 3D designed parts
    • Did you have to drill any holes because you missed something in your design?
    • Describe any sanding or finishing of printed parts
  • Written report with diagrams
  • All design files, including 123D design and .stl files
  • Mission Name and Vehicle Name
  • 5% bonus if you design a Mission or Crew Patch (in color)


Due Date: Week 9 (week of October 26th)