Mission Objective #3: Sensor Payload


Our Mission Objective #2, RET-1, was the first major project completion. The rover chassis, navigation and heading were an important part of the overall project. Now that you have working rover that can move from Point A to Point B, it is time put your rover to practical use.

Your rover should now be modified so that it can carry a payload. The payload that your rover will carry is a set of environmental sensors that samples and tests the surrounding atmospheric conditions of the surrounding area.

Mission Objective

Your mission is to design, build and construct a payload platform to carry several environmental sensors. These sensors will include:

  1. Visible light
  2. Ultraviolet index
  3. Infrared light
  4. Temperature
  5. Barometric Pressure
  6. Altitude
  7. Relative Humidity

A second Arduino microcontroller will be used to control the environmental sensors. To obtain the data readings from each sensor, you will need to devise a method to retrieve the information so that Mission Controllers can interpret the data. One way to obtain data from your sensors is to display a reading on an LCD display that will be provided to you. If you wish to have other methods to communicate the data, you will need to purchase those components separately (for example, different types of LCD/LED displays or a text-to-speech module such as the EMIC 2 module and speakers).

Sensors Provided



Digital UV Index, Infrared, Visible Light Sensor


1893-02Barometric Pressure, Altitude, Temperature Sensor


385-00Basic Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Displays Provided

Standard LCD 16x2



Components that you may purchase as an enhancement


4-digit, 7-segment display

498-1016x4 LCD display

924-00EMIC 2 Text-to-Speech module



  1. A written report must be submitted which will include the following sections:
    • Description and drawings of your payload platform
    • Accurate circuit diagram
    • All equations and show all math calculations used in your sensor
  2. Completed and commented code.
  3. All diagrams and drawings of your printed parts including dimensions to be clearly marked.
  4. Test cases and Results

Allow sufficient time to test your sensor payload!!!

Grading Plan

Grades are calculated using the following rubric:

  • Completed project milestone on time
  • Sensor readings and accuracy
    • Does each of your sensors give you the correct readings?
  • Written report detailing your payload platform designs, properly attached or affixed to your rover, diagrams with dimensions and circuit diagram.
  • All completed code with proper commenting


Due Date: Week 28: week of April 4th


There are no extensions to this Mission Objective for any reason.
Late submissions will be docked by 4 points.

Project Timeline 3