Written Report Requirements – Mission Objective 4

Mission Objective #4 – Hazard Avoidance



Now that you can steer and navigate your rover, it is time to actually have your rover be more intelligent about its surroundings. Hazard avoidance is something that will make your rover much more useful. Describe your mission objective. What sensors did you use?


Hazard Avoidance Algorithms

  • List all the hazard avoidance maneuver you used.
    • Maneuver 1:
    • Maneuver 2:
    • Maneuver 3:
  • Describe them in detail. Have diagrams of the technique you used.
  • How are you able to choose between each of the methods you used during testing? Were you able to find a way to choose one method over another, or were you able to randomize which method gets chosen?


Test Conditions

  • Show all the test conditions you used from navigating around 1 obstacle, then navigating around 2 obstacles, then 3 obstacles, then navigating around several closely spaced obstacles (You should have 4 or more test conditions)
  • Show diagrams of each test condition.
  • Show the results of each test condition.
  • Was your rover successful in all test conditions? Why or why not?
  • What are the limitations of each hazard avoidance method?
  • Did you end up too far to the right or to the left of your target destination? Why or why not? Were you able to effectively choose which hazard maneuver to use to maintain a reasonable distance to your original target destination?
  • Did you use delay( ) in your algorithms? Why would this not be the best method? Suggest something better in the recommendations, or if you did use something better, explain what it was. Show a diagram and math calculations, if you used your compass instead of delay( )



  • Have videos showing each test for each hazard avoidance maneuver.



  • List any recommendations you might have for your hazard avoidance routine to make it better. Did you use the compass? Why or why not? Did you use delay( ) instead of a better method?