A 3D Printed Car? – Why Not?

As we hear more and more of the things that are built with 3D printers, it still amazes me of the kinds of things people will build. Here is something that is kind of cool: A 3D printed car (via CNN). Obviously not everything is 3D printed. The motor and electrical systems are not, but it looks like the frame and the body are.

We’ve seen all sorts 3D printing applications, from prosthetics, biotechnology, organs, food and rocket parts by NASA. The underlying manufacturing process is the same. It uses additive manufacturing technologies by building an object layer by layer. It can be referred to many names: Stereo Lithography, Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping or simply 3D Printiing…they all mean the same in terms of manufacturing parts.

Hmmm…Too bad we can’t do that with our MakerBot for our Solar Car Challenge. But still…the possibilities are just beginning.

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