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3D Printing Workshop

There’s something really intriguing about watching a 3D printer in action. Sort of mesmerizing as you watch the layers of material get added on top of one another.This was a fun start to the workshop. The students had their first taste of thinking and creating designs in a three dimensional space. We created some rings […]


3D Printing in Space

There has been a lot of media attention about 3D printing for all kinds of industries. One of the great benefits about 3D printing is its ability to allow remote locations to fabricate their own tools or supplies. One of the most remote locations and hostile locations is space. Imagine being so remote that your […]

A 3D Printed Car? – Why Not?

As we hear more and more of the things that are built with 3D printers, it still amazes me of the kinds of things people will build. Here is something that is kind of cool: A 3D printed car (via CNN). Obviously not everything is 3D printed. The motor and electrical systems are not, but […]