Mini-Camp Fundraiser 1


Calista organizing movie time for our day campers.

Our fundraising efforts are picking up for our Solar Car Challenge team. One of the major things that the team must do to get our project off the ground is to generate enough funding to purchase the materials to build our solar car. One of our main funding ideas had been a “Parents’ Night Out”. But on this particular day, our school had the Friday off because of the holiday season. Being an international school, we have many families that travel abroad over the holidays, so we shut down the day before the weekend to give families a head start on their travel plans. But we also do recognize that there are just as many families that stay in town over the break. Recognizing that need, we decided on running a mini-camp for the day for the families who needed to find child care for their school aged children.

The team was able to raise a good amount of funds towards their $10,000 goal. I am very proud of them for taking the responsibility for providing a safe and caring environment for our day campers. They recognized a need that we could provide, obtained the necessary approvals from the school administration, marketed the service and finally put in the work needed to make it all happen. It was a tiring day for everyone involved. I wish to thank Ms. Fenner, our parent volunteer, who came to help us on that day. It was very much appreciated!

Working for a living is pretty tiring. Stay in school as long as you can!

Working for a living is pretty tiring. Stay in school as long as you can!

Our last day camper was picked just before 4:30pm. We¬†had planned to see a movie that day…as you can imagine, it was a very tiring (but fun) day and in the end, it was decided to do the movie thing another time.

My advice to all my students is this: Stay in school as long as you can. Working for a living is tiring!

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