Mission Objective #5 – EM-1 2

Our year-long projects and missions are finished. As a preview to our Launch Party, I put together the results of Rover Testing.


Our Mission Objective

“Design, engineer, construct and program an autonomous robotic rover to navigate the length of an unknown flat terrain landscape while avoiding standard sized obstacles, collect and report environmental data to mission controllers”


I think the results from the 8th and 9th graders speak for themselves. Great job to all my students!

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2 thoughts on “Mission Objective #5 – EM-1

  • BK

    Outstanding work in guiding the students through an engineering project with apps and set schedule. The course taught the students how to think and apply theory vs memorize. It was good to see the excitement on their faces as they raced their rovers during the launch.
    To all the future engineers and applied scientists, a job well done!! bonnes vacances!!!!

  • Robin Lancien

    Thank you so much for posting! I was so pleased with the whole project and appreciate all your long days and nights spent helping the kids !