New Teams Workshop – Solar Car Challenge

Our inaugural team members of the Solar Car Challenge

Our inaugural team members of the Solar Car Challenge

Today was the kickoff meeting for new teams for this year's Solar Car Challenge. It was a very informative session filled with presentations from Dr. Lehman Marks and past teams with advice from their past experiences. The session was well attended with new teams from across the country wanting to become involved in the SSC. Teams from as far away as California and closer to home, from across Texas, came to the new teams workshop. Among the students who attended with me were 9th graders who are even more excited about the possibility of not only building a solar car but competing in the race in July 2015. I would like to thank Mrs. Gassin for volunteering and showing so much support for having our students in this unique program.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. The first thing is team recruitment. We have 5 dedicated students who are eager to begin planning our solar car. We definitely need more club members. There are lots of project teams to fill, from the various engineering teams to the fund raising & business team, media relations and even an art team. The project is not just for budding engineers, but also open to students to have interests in business & marketing, media & journalism and even the visual arts. Let's rock!

One of the things that came to mind as we were sitting through the presentations was a recent book that I read. I couldn't put it down and had to finish it. The book is called "The Martian" by Andy Weir. It is about an NASA astronaut who becomes accidentally stranded on Mars. It's an interesting story with compelling characters. The book relates all the problems he encounters in his attempt to survive in a hostile environment. It talks about engineering, solar power and overcoming the many obstacles through ingenuity, resourcefulness and occasional luck. I highly recommend it to my budding engineers and builders. There might be some technical errors here and there but it's more about problem solving and the "never quit" attitude. But it comes with a warning to parents though...the book does contain some coarse language.



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