Week 15 Summary – Computer Science

Dear Secondary Computer Science Parents,

Week 15 has finished and along with it, the end of the calendar year. Not quite to the halfway mark of the school year, but it has been a very eventful few weeks leading up to a much needed break for all the students.

I will start off this summary with the CS 101 advanced class. We conducted an in-class lab session this week and all the students have been working on exercise 1.4. Having some practice with using two-dimensional arrays has been very helpful in explaining array concepts. Talking about arrays in a lecture is one thing, but putting it into practice is quite another, especially if programming experience is limited.

The 8th and 9th grade classes are continuing with Mission Objective #2. Our project timeline puts us at the week 15 mark. A design review (DR-3) was conducted for most of the project teams; however, because of the limited amount of time in the classes, I was not able to review all the teams in the 9th grade class. We will pick up with the DR-3 after the break and will include progress up to week 16. By this week, each team has been expected to have coded some portions of their rover. Most of the teams are on-track, so I am pleased with the results so far. For those who are not on track, there is an expectation that progress must be made during the holiday break.

The 7th grade classes have been handed Assignment #2. This will involve using push buttons and loops to create a more manageable program. For both classes, I have extended the time to complete the tables in the Loop Examples. I think there was some confusion as to what was expected. For each example that is provided on the classroom website for Loop Examples, a table is to be completed which shows the order the LED lights are to be illuminated. Some students have handed in their homework to me, but I have given additional time to have this completed. All I want to know is what the student know…this will give me good feedback in how the class is progressing with the programming logic.

Thank you and best wishes for a wonderful holiday break. Safe travels to all !

Douglas Lee
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