Week 17 Summary – Computer Science

Dear Secondary School Computer Science Parents,

The end of week 17 and the long weekend is ahead of us. The week was full of a lot of effort from every class.

The 7th grade class continued with assignment #2. I would like to see more of the students in our after school computer lab sessions. There really is not enough dedicated time in the computer lab during our regular classes to have make significant progress in the assignments. The lab is open most of the days after school, except for Tuesday. If students are not doing their assignment at home, then they will not likely meet the assignment due date which is the week of January 25th. Parents, please talk with your students at home to get a good feel for their progress. Class time will continue to be reinforcement of the programming principles we have learned so far plus individual time for assignments. We will schedule some dedicated out-of-class time for those students who are interested in coming to the computer lab next weekend for a 7th grade Coding Party where we can have some good uninterrupted time for coding.

Rover, rover where art thou rover.

Rewiring to have a cleaner rover and to make things easier to see

The 8th and 9th grade classes have made some good progress in their robotics projects. The project timeline is end of week 20 for completion of Mission Objective #2. Some teams are behind, others are on track. We shall see next week as it is Critical Design Review for all the teams. Are you on track to make the deadline? My expectations is for student teams to be heavily into the testing phase of their rovers. Stay tuned for a follow-up email after this one.

The CS-101 advanced class started a new module this week: input / output mechanisms. We did not get through as much of the material as I had hoped, but we will continue with it next week. I would have liked all the students to have completed exercise 1.4, but a few more days might be in order for it. In the coming weeks, we will get into something more interesting like a bit of computer graphics.

Thank you and have a great long weekend…

Douglas Lee
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