Week 25 Summary – Computer Science

Dear Secondary School Computer Science Parents,

Week 25 is over and another successful week for all the classes.

In our 7th grade classes, we went over the Practical Coding Test that was given a couple of weeks ago. Each class’ Coding Test was slightly different, but overall the test was very similar. We started by having the students view the other class’ test and creating the code for it and then making a minor change to the code to fit the test taken by the class. Next week, we will continue with more critical thinking and introduce a new concept which the students should be familiar from Mathematics…arithmetic operators and data types.

The 8th and 9th grade classes continued with Mission Objectives 3 (PT-1) and 4 (RET-2). Since the introduction of weekly homework assignments that are directly related to each Mission Objective, I believe each project team is better able to maintain their momentum; however, I would like to see all the students complete their weekly homework assignments *before* our class meets, instead of doing it during their assigned class / lab time…It’s just a small request, but reasonable. Next week’s homework assignments that are due are “8A: Beast of Burden” and “8B: Start Me Up“. (in case you are wondering, I do like naming the homework assignments rather than numbering them…easier to remember than just a number and it’s more personal that way).

I understand that the 9th graders will miss our regularly scheduled Computer Science class on Wednesday to participate in a field trip to the Kimbell Art Musem to study architecture. However, the weekly homework assignments must still be submitted on Wednesday.

The CS-101 advanced class continued with coding and Exercise 1.5. It is due in 2 weeks (week 27)…I have extended this exercise deadline. Next week will be half lecture and half lab time.

Thank you,
Douglas Lee
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