Week 26 Summary – Computer Science 1

Dear Secondary School Computer Science Parents,

Week 26 has come and gone with only a couple more weeks until the Spring Break. There are still a lot of things to cover for the remainder of the year, so we cannot let up just yet.

The 7th grade classes were introduced to a variety of Arithmetic Operators. I am intentionally going a bit slower this time around, just to give the students some more time to absorb the material and get a good grasp of the behavior of the program flow. Next week, we will continue with Data Types and see how some of are mathematical equations work with both of these coding concepts.

The 8th and 9th grade classes were given a class lecture this week. We were fortunate enough that a substitution hour in the 9th grade was available, so we made up for the day that the 9th graders had their field trip on Wednesday. All classes are caught up on lesson material now. This week, we went over functions and how they can be used within our programs. We did touch on this topic last year, but a refresher lesson was in order. Two more weeks left until Mission Objectives 3 and 4 (PT-1 and RET-2) are due for submission. This only impacts the multi-person teams but it is highly recommended that individual person teams finish at least one of the Mission Objectives by the deadline. I would like to stress again that the weekly homework assignments are not just reference as it is graded as well. Too many of the students are not completing the homework assignments…and this is even after emphasizing that completing the homework assignments actually help the students keep on track with the deadline. The final homework assignment before the break is “You Light Up My Life“. It is directly related to Mission Objective #3 and creating functions.

The CS-101 advanced class is continuing with exercise 1.5. Again, I will emphasize that gaining coding experience is only achieved by actually sitting down and coding (outside of class & lab time as well). We are getting into graphics and audio with our Java code, so more new material on audio will come next week.

On anther note, I am arranging for our first Computer Science / Engineering field trip. This is specifically aimed at the 8th, 9th and CS-101 classes for a total of 25 students to held on the morning of Thursday May 12th. Those students who are interested in STEM careers such as Engineering, Manufacturing and Fabrication will be considered to participate. Unfortunately, I am unable to have all the students join, but I will prioritize those students that I believe will benefit the most, who have strong interests in STEM and who have demonstrated good academic progression this year. Our field trip will be to visit the Welding Technology laboratory at Mountain View College for instructor demonstrations of the different welding techniques. This will be an excellent opportunity to get our hands even dirtier with learning how metal parts are put together to fabricate new parts…just a little bit more grittier our soldering class. I am hoping to continue this sort of field trip next year when my 7th graders start with Robotics and Engineering next year.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend…

Douglas Lee
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