Week 28 Summary – Computer Science

Dear Secondary School Computer Science Parents,

Week 28 is completed and we are now at the last break of the school year. The students deserve a much needed rest and relaxation after these last few weeks.

The 7th grade classes have finished with another pop quiz. I decided to give another quiz on arithmetic operators to both 7th grade classes again. Those students who did not do well the first time, improved their understanding this time. We also reviewed our data types again, but did not get to cover everything this week. After the break, we will finish our understanding of data types, then move onto arrays and functions. This will make a nice lead-in to our last assignment of the year: making our Arduinos play a song of our choice.

2016-04-06 18.19.49-afterThe 8th and 9th grade classes had their Missions 3 and 4 deadlines at 12midnight Friday. Many of the teams were able to meet this deadline, even as a few of the students were out of town for the ISAS festival this week. There were a couple of very late nights this week with finishing the Mission Objectives. Project teams with a single team member were highly encouraged to complete at least one of the Missions before the break, since we realistically only have 4 weeks of development time left before the end of the year. There were also a number of students who did not submit any Mission Objectives and I will be following up with a second email this weekend. As an added incentive for my 9th grade class to submit their completed Missions, I am withholding the release of the prom photos until ALL 9th grade students have handed in their assigned Missions.

The CS-101 class had a lab session this week. Some of the CS-101 students were out of school on their 2-day internship, so it gave us a good chance to concentrate on the assignments for the year. We are into the graphics and audio programming portions of the course. These next few programming exercises should really be interesting for the students. It will give them a good sense of programmatic and mathematical thinking.

For all the families who are travelling or staying in Dallas, stay safe and see you after the break…

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