Week 30 Summary – Computer Science

Dear Secondary School Computer Science Parents,

Week 30 is finished and 6 weeks left to go. Seems like this coming month will be the busiest because of the various AP exams, field trips and other classes all rushing to finish the year.

The first lesson I had with each of the 6th grade classes was rather unique. We will most likely not be going to the Computer Lab for the remainder of the year with really only 4 classes left. Memorial Day falls on a Monday, so there is no class during that week. Instead, I have decided that we will be concentrating on our logical thinking process…thinking algorithmically and practicing on how to be a programmer. Our first lesson was “Bagel Programming“. The concept being that the students were to devise a set of instructions to have a “computer”, aka me, prepare a bagel and cream cheese snack while taking all of their instructions literally. Having computers understand what is meant versus what is said is something computer programs lack. So, for the rest of the year, we will be developing our Bagel Code. Parents…make sure you check Renweb for any required homework as it is graded. There will be no tests for the 6th graders for the remainder of the term.

The 7th graders are in the final lessons of the year. We finished our topic on “IF” and “IF-ELSE-IF” statements. Next up will be equality and relational operators. Very important concepts when we talk about decision making in our conditional statements. I think the students are getting a bit restless as a few of them are wanting to get a start on our Music coding assignment. We will go faster now as I want to maximize the time we spend coding rather than sitting listening to lectures.

The 8th and 9th graders are well into the last Mission Objective. The timeline has 3 weeks left for any programming to be completed. It will be close, but hopefully with the weekly assignments I provide, it should keep them on track. Weekly Assignment #11: Ghost Protocol is something that should get students thinking about Communications Protocols and what typical intercommunications are like between separate systems. I’m not asking for a perfect messaging system to be created, but at least some knowledge of what such a system could be like. Week 34 should only be devoted to testing and no programming.

The CS 101 Advanced class is finshed with lessons. Now it is making progress with their final Programming Exercises.


Thank you and have a safe weekend…

Douglas Lee

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