Week 31 Summary – Computer Science

Dear Secondary School Computer Science Parents,

Week 31…at this time of year the students are feeling the pressures of all the assignments, exams and tests that seem to be packed into the month of May.

2016-05-02 12.19.34-afterThis week, the 6th grade classes continued with Bagel Programming. I think this is the first time the students were introduced to the concept of The Flowchart. For those parents who are programmers, you know what this is…a diagrammatic representation of a computer program or algorithm with connecting arrows showing the order between processes. Reminds me of the first computer language I learned. Flowcharting is a very helpful tool for the students as it allows them to visualize each step in the program and logically think how each step is related. We will continue on this track in next week’s lesson.

The 7th graders have finished the lesson on Conditional, Relational and Equality Operators. Next week, we will be in the lab to at least get a feel for our final assignment. It will be a shortened assignment this time as there are not that many weeks left in the year. The first thing students will be doing will be to find some sheet music of a favorite song…nothing too complex, but enough to make it a bit of a challenge.

2016-05-04 16.35.08-after2016-05-04 16.35.29-afterThe 8th class continued with an in-class lab, while the 9th grade class had their DNB exam in Mathematics during our regular Computer Science period. The new material that was handed out was Serial Line Communications between Arduinos. At a minimum, Sensor Payload Arduino will send a message via the serial port, to the Drive and Navigation Arduino. A rather straightforward concept, but requires a lot of testing. The coding party we had today after regular classes was a success. A few of the rovers are finalizing their hazard avoidance algorithms and at least a couple of the teams have been successful with inter-Arduino communications. And so the countdown to our Launch has begun: T minus 4 weeks (2 weeks of coding, 1 week report writing, 1 week of launch preparation).

With the abundance of exams for the CS 101 advanced class, our regular class time was cancelled. Probably for the best because there was AP exams, DNB exams and other priorities.

Thank you and have a safe weekend…

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