Week 32 Summary – Computer Science

Dear Secondary School Computer Science Parents,

The end of week 32 and the days are counting down too fast.

In our 6th grade classes, we have finished flowcharting our Bagel Program. It’s been a valuable exercise because I am hearing some ideas from the students in understanding and thinking about the problem in a procedural manner. One more small assignment for the 6th grade classes and we will be finished for the year. Next week, we begin flowcharting a Donut Program.

This week in the 7th grade, the 7B class had their regular class held on Tuesday, but the 7A class had a substitution time because of the 8th/9th grade field trip. The last lesson to give for the year was on Arrays, which 7B was introduced; however, the 7A class was only given Assignment #3 and instructed to search for some appropriate sheet music to use for the assignment. We will pick up again next week and get things going as fast as we can. Lab time will in order from now until the end of the year.

The 8th and 9th grade classes are now all caught up on the final lessons. Only lab time now for our Mission Objective #5. T-3 weeks until our Launch Party…but only 2 weeks left for final submission of the last mission.

In front of the Welding Technology Lab at Mountain View College with the instructors.

Our field trip on Thursday was a success. The instructors at the Welding Technology Lab at Mountain View College did a fantastic job. The college also rolled out the red carpet for us by introducing the students to the college president, all the deans of the various departments and gave us a tour of the campus. I wish it were possible to have all the 8th and 9th graders, but given the space constraints and many other priorities this time of year, it was only possible to take 25 of the students. However, we will be having this again next year as we develop partnerships with the college in their Welding program.


Thank you and have a safe weekend…

Douglas Lee
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Dallas International School educates students of all backgrounds to contribute to a dynamic world with its internationally renowned curriculum, multiple language instruction, and exposure to diverse cultural views.

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