Week 33 Summary – Computer Science

Dear Secondary School Computer Science Parents,

Week 33 and we are down to the last week of meaningful classes. One last week for any evaluations to be completed and entered and then the year will start winding down.

The 6th grade classes this week has their last assignment for the year…create the flowchart for our “Donut Program”. Most of the students finished the flowchart in class. For those who have not, it was then required homework which I will collect and grade by the end of the week.

The 7th grade is well on their way for Assignment #3 – Piezo Cake. We finished with Arrays for both 7th grade classes. I feel the lessons were somewhat rushed but we will have next year to review all the materials again. Because of the time constraints for the end of the year, I am reducing the number of requirements of the assignment. For those students who are more advanced or more comfortable working with code, I encourage them to keep adding to their projects as it will be that much better. I will post some more colorful songs that the students create once I have all the assignments. All assignments will be due next Friday, May 27th.

There is a Coding Party scheduled for Saturday, May 21st from 9:00am to 2:30pm. Afterwards will be the High School graduation at UT Dallas, so I will be heading to that event immediately after our Fun With Coding.

Rover Hazard Avoidance Testing

Hazard avoidance testing.

The 8th and 9th grade classes should now be finished all coding. The last week is reserved for report writing and final testing before submissions of Mission Objective #5. This is due at midnight on Friday, May 27th. There is absolutely no possibility for handing in anything late as grades must be finalized. T-2 weeks to our Launch date.

The CS 101 advanced class has one last week for any exercise completion. Beyond next week will only see the final week of school. As such, next week will be the last week we will meet for our CS 101 Java Programming class.

Thank you and I hope to see people at the High School Graduation this Saturday…

Douglas Lee
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